Top 5 seriously cute Puppy Alerts of 2016

cute puppy

2016 is coming to an end and we just had a look thru all our puppy alerts for 2016 and decided to do a quick voting in the category of serious(ly) cute looking puppies, so as long as they have a bit of a serious facial expression they are nominated :P, haha very silly we know, but here they are:

1. The super cute “I didn’t do it” Rottweiler from Puppy Alert #43

cute rottweiler puppy
I didn’t do it!


I Love my Rottweiler Dog T-Shirt


2. The cute and innocent “I swear I also didn’t do it” St. John’s Water Dog from Puppy Alert #28

very cute puppy
I also didn’t do it!


St. John’s Water Dog T-Shirt


3. The mega cute “I am so cold, you need to swaddle me” Pug from Puppy Alert #33

cute pug blanket
I am just cold!


Pugs N Roses Baby Onesie


4. The adorable “Hey I am still a puppy, I am just getting a little bigger” Border Collie from Puppy Alert #14

border collie puppy
I’m actually a big puppy!


Border Collie Women’s Tank Top


5. The super cuddly cute “I need to think, can I please have a moment?” Boerboel from Puppy Alert #22

cute boerboel puppy
Hey, I am just contemplating… ;).


Boerboel T-Shirt


Who is your favourite in this line up? Comment below and let us know your top picks from our puppy alerts 2016! 🙂

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