Top 5: Elegant Dogs

elegant dogs

This is DogBoo’s Top 5 Elegant Dogs, aren’t they just looking fabulous?:


1. Afghan Hound

pretty afghan
That hair!

Do I need to say more? 😀 Afghan Hounds are notoriously elegant. They’re so slim, regal and they move with such grace.


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2. Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)

pretty borzoi
Tall, elegant & regal

If you look at a Borzoi closely it looks like a less hairy version of an Afghan Hound. Their skinny faces make them look so elegant and regal.


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3. Irish Setter

healthy irish setter
Such a shiny coat!

Irish Setters are also tall dogs that have flowing fur. If they’re healthy you can see it through their shiny coats, making them more elegant looking.


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4. Saluki

sitting saluki
That profile!

Salukis are like a cross between an Afghan Hound and an Irish Setter. They are also tall & slim dogs with coarser hair than Afghan Hounds.

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5. Shih Tzu

sitting shih tzu
Shih Tzu & a fireplace 😀

If groomed properly, Shih Tzus can be one of the most elegant looking dogs. They may be small in stature but they make up for it with their posture and fur.

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Do you own one of those elegant dog breeds? Let us know in the comment section :).


Update: We have added a video of the Top 10 elegant dog breeds to our Youtube Channel, since 5 was just not doing it justice, there are so many elegant dogs out there that also should have gotten mentioned ;). Here is the video:

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