Top 5: Companion Dogs

companion dogs

This is DogBoo’s Top 5 Companion Dog Breeds:

  1. Yorkshire Terrier
cute yorkshire terrier
A Yorkie on a chair 🙂

Yorkshire Terriers are perfect companion dogs because they are overprotective, easy to train and loves attention. If you’re looking for a companion, “Yorkies” are perfect as companions and also as lap dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier Mug


2. Maltese

cute lhasa apso
A companion & a cutie

This breed is a cuddly companion. They love being around humans, extremely lively, playful and they prefer small spaces. If you’re alone or starting out with someone, this is the perfect dog breed for you.

Maltese Baby Onesie


3. Greyhound & Italian Greyhound

A greyhound with a cape

This breed is not really considered as a companion dog. But they are actually really wonderful companion pets. Greyhounds or Italian Greyhounds are extremely loyal, friendly and they rarely bark. This breed will fit well in suburban areas. This breed is also becoming popular as companion pets.

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4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

king charles spaniel
A loyal cutie

What make this breed a top companion dog? They are highly affectionate, eager to please, extremely patient, playful and they are very social. They are also perfect lap dogs. What more can you ask for, for a companion dog? 😀

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5. Basset Hound

cute hound
A long-eared cutie

Basset Hounds are such cuties! 🙂 Their long ears make them look so adorable. Plus they’re very friendly, playful, outgoing and very social dogs. Perfect traits for a companion dog. They’re also hounds, so it means they have a heightened sense of smell. Perfect for people who are living alone.

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Those were our Top 5 choices of best companion dogs, if you would like to add some other breeds please let us know in the comment section below.


UPDATE: we have created a video on the Top 10 best calm companion dogs, so you can find a few more great companion choices :). Here is the Video:

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