Top 5 Apartment Dog Breeds

apartment dogs

This DogBoo’s Top 5 Apartment Dog Breeds. Dog Breeds that are perfect for people who are living in limited spaces like, flats, condominium units or apartments.

1.Boston Terrier

boston terrier

The Boston Terrier is an American dog breed. It is also known as: Boston Bull, Boston Bull Terrier, Boxwood and American Gentlemen. Boston Terriers are not too small nor too big, making them a perfect-sized pet for apartment dwellers. They have a gentle disposition, easy to train and requires moderate exercise and minimum grooming. They are also perfect companions!

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2. French Bulldog


The French Bulldog is a French dog breed. It is also known as the Bouledogue Francais. French Bulldogs are indoor dogs. They are perfectly-sized and are alert dogs. They require minimal grooming making them good apartment dogs. They need air conditioning when it gets too warm due to their short snouts. French Bulldogs are clingy and like to sit on their masters’ laps.

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3. Japanese Chin

japanese chin

The Japanese Chin dog breed is still debated where it really originated. This breed is known to be very important to Japanese nobility. It is also known as the Japanese Spaniel. Japanese Chins are small dogs making them ideal apartment pets. They are affectionate, devoted, require regular brushing and grooming. The Japanese Chin can be cautious around strangers and unfamiliar

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4. Shih Tzu

shih tzu

The Shih Tzu is a Chinese dog breed. It is also known as the Chinese Lion Dog and Chrysanthemum Dog. Shih Tzus are bred to be companions and house pets. They are small dogs making them perfect for apartment living. They are friendly and alert. They require minimal exercise and regular grooming.

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5. Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

The Lhasa Apso is a Tibetan dog breed. The name Lhasa Apso means “long-haired Lhasa dog”. Lhasa Apsos are bred to be indoor watchdogs. They are small dogs who are good watchdogs, require daily hair brushing and are good living with adults and children.

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Do you live in an apartment with your dog? What breed is it? Let us know below :).

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